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For new entries
to Japan

Utilizing our infrastructure of 400 service branches
and logistics network

For foreign companies entering Japan, establishing a network of maintenance and service branches is one of the most difficulty challenges in achieving business success. In addition to an effective sale network, a structure of maintenance service centers and logistics is essential to gain customers’ trust relationship. However, building up maintenance service and logistics network in Japan requires a lot of time and resources that companies often cannot accomplish within a short period of time.  

If this is the case, NEC Fielding would like to propose utilizing our infrastructure. For the past 50 years we have developed our infrastructure of approximately 400 service branches and 200 parts deposits across Japan based on our capacities and experiences of product repair and maintenance.   

Foreign companies operating in Japan are also recommended to use NEC Fielding helpdesk performed by our high-skilled engineers, available 24 hours 365 days to provide customers with precise response to product inquiries as well as to instruct product arrangement and to escalate technical trouble to higher level divisions. Moreover, we can work in both English and Japanese language.

By taking the best use of our infrastructure that has taken root in Japanese market, foreign companies can quickly establish their business in Japan, and concentrate their resource to product sale. This is the new business outsourcing plan that we would like to propose.

Issues of foreign companies expanding business in Japan

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Our strength
Strength 1 Strength 2
Strength 3 Strength 4

Case study

I company : US company providing patient records data storage system
case study case study

Resolution  Entrusting maintenance service to NEC Fielding


Call center
  • Set up specialized free dial for storage product.
  • Available 24 hours 365 days
On-site maintenance
  • Premium: 24 hours 365 days Response in 4 hours
    (Best effort)
  • Enterprise:Week day 9:00〜17:00 Response in the next business day
  • Deploy product parts
  • Manage inventories
  • Return defective parts
  • Request spare parts

Maintenance formation

Managing product spare parts and deploying parts according to I company’s order.

Maintenance formation

Sales formation

Sales formation
E company : Ireland company providing storage service using cloud computing
available 24/365 available 24/365

Resolution  Entrusting logistics function to NEC Fielding


Call center
  • Set up specialized free dial
  • Available 24 hours 365 days (instruction to product delivery, return)
Delivery truck
No use of NEC logo
Inventory management
  • Manage in/out product based on its serial number
  • Make daily report, inventory report submitted for Ireland industry plant
(Service Level Agreement)
  • Deliver in 2 hours for places within 70 km: 98.5% (for places in agreement only)
  • Pick up return product within 3 days after call request: 99%
Logistics formation
Entrusted with logistics functions of E company in Japan
(Parts management, delivery, return, redelivery after repair)

Logistics formation

Logistics formation

Service level

Service level

Inventory management

Inventory management

NEC Fielding is dedicated to support
customers' business.

In NEC Fielding, we define support service for ICT system platform as our core business, in which we offer a comprehensive support that responds to customer needs as well as contributes to their business development.
Our team of engineers in approximately 400 service centers across Japan are equipped with rich experiences and advanced skills, enabling rapid and precise service available 24 hours 365 days to customers not only in ICT industry but also in other business.
NEC Fielding’s strengths lie on our close location to customers and our abilities to understand from customers' perspectives. Fundamental to our corporate culture is the focus on enhancing customer satisfaction.   

Social infrastructure
Our competencies

3 core competencies that enable us to maintain our strengths
・Service network: service centers located close to customers
・Technical expertise: engineers with specialized knowledge and skills
・Knowledge management: handling customer IT system information and service history

NEC Fielding, Ltd.

NEC Fielding, Ltd.

Corporate name NEC Fielding, Ltd.
Headquarters 4-28, Mita 1-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0073, Japan
Established March 1957
Capital \9,670 million
Number of employees 4,811 (Non-consolidated basis)
Service network 388 branches (Japan), 12 branches (Overseas)


Privacy Mark


ISO 14001(2004) Environmental Management


HDI Support Center Global Authorization


ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Quality Management System
  2009.11 ISO 9001(2008) Maintenance Service

※As of March 31, 2014

Service Network
Consolidated Subsidiaries
NDEC Co., Ltd.

Provide support and service in every stage from proposal for network, power supply equipment and air conditioning system of IT system to design, construction and maintenance
Supply energy-saving products and service such as solar energy generating system, battery recycle, energy-saving lightings …


NEC Fielding System Technology, Ltd.

  Provide consulting, design, construction, operation, management service and other technical training programs of computer system and network system
NEC Fielding Support Crew, Ltd.

Dispatch business (office work, sale support, IT support, helpdesk, IT equipment installation, inventory management, hand carry, IT equipment maintenance)

NEC Fielding Information Technology Services(Beijing)Co., Ltd.

Provide maintenance, installation, consulting, examination, technical development, service, design,
construction, sale, assignment, import/ export service for computer, network and other auxiliary equipment.

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